Harmful food “E” additives

Groups of E food additives

1. Dyes
2. Fragrances
3. Solvents for fragrances
4. Preservatives
5. Antioxidants
6. Acids, bases, salts
7. Stabilizing substances
8. Thickeners
9. Clarifying substances
10. Extraction solvents
11. Substances that enhance taste and smell
12. Enriching substances
13. Substances for use on the surface
14. Sweeteners

Harmful food e additives

Food additives are substances that are not themselves foodstuffs and most often have no nutritional value. Foods are added deliberately to affect its characteristic features, e.g. consistency, taste, smell, color, etc.

With excessive consumption the following products may cause various somatic symptoms, as well as contribute to serious diseases – listed below. It should be remembered that producers are obliged by law to limit the given compounds in the product to specific levels.

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